Testosterone Cypionate: All You Need To Know (FAQ)

Testosterone Cypionate is a miracle to those who have a deficit in Testosterone. However, that’s not who takes the majority of it. Bodybuilders and those who want to enhance their virility have been driving the black market for the product in this country for a number of years now. Because it builds muscle, quick and you can bulk up in a matter of weeks instead of months or years.

This makes it one of the most desirable of all the male enhancement products on the market today. The rest of the world gets by with other variations of Testosterone and they are very popular abroad. However, in this country Testosterone Cypionate is the first choice for those who want to put on mass the fastest and that are what drives the market today. Today you’re going to learn a bit more about this magical elixir that is injected intramuscularly. You’ll learn what it is and what it can do as well as the side effects both minor and extreme.

Testosterone Cypionate is defined as a Schedule III controlled substance in this country according to the Steroid Control Act of 1990. This means you have to have a doctor to prescribe/provide this type of Testosterone and do the injecting for you.

However, you’ll see that the Bodybuilding community has formed worldwide links to bring it in via the Internet and ordering online from sources all over the world.

So, if you really want to use Testosterone Cypionate (Or TC for short) it is obtainable from a variety of sources.

So what is Testosterone Cypionate?

This is the easy question as it is simply a hormone that occurs naturally in your body and as you age, it is produced less and less. This reduces muscle mass and libido.

Hormone replacement therapy under a doctor’s auspices has worked miracles in many men’s lives and has spawned an entire industry to bring man over the age of 40 and 50 back their virility and manhood once more using Testosterone Cypionate replacement therapy treatment.

Make no mistake Testosterone Cypionate is an Anabolic Steroid and don’t let anyone try to fool you into thinking otherwise. There are risks involved. But many choose to go ahead and embark on a training regime using them and most suffer no ill effects if done correctly.

How is it Taken

  Testosterone Cypionate injection

The best way to take this hormone is via injection and once a week is usually, enough for most, as one injection last for 6-7 days at the prescribed dosages.

Testosterone Cypionate shots intramuscularly work wonders

How much do I get in a shot is the most common question and the second is what are the benefits I will receive.

First, the dosage varies according to weight and the size and age of the individual. The standard, however, is either in 100 mg/mL and 200 mg/mL. The normal dose lasts as mentioned previously between 6 & 7 days though 8 is possible in some cases.

The Benefits are many and here are a few of them:

  • Strengthen your erection
  • Enhance penis girth
  • Enlarge penis length
  • Increase Libido or sexual stamina
  • Ups your sperm count
  • Dispel weakness caused by AIDS
  • Enhances & Increases muscle mass
  • Your bone density will increase
  • Your body weight will drop
  • Improvement cognitive abilities
  • Enhance your memory
  • Reverses depression
  • Improve your overall energy

You can see why it is so popular. Testosterone Cypionate seems to be the vertible “Fountain of Youth”

Testosterone Cypionate via Pill?

Sorry contrary to rumour there is no Testosterone Cypionate pill on the market. There are those who claim otherwise, however you will find it is in reality some herb and vitamin combination that does have the same effect as Testosterone Cypionate.

Testosterone Cypionate side effects

Testosterone Cypionate has some side effect and it may interact adversely with the following other drugs you might be taking:

  • Carbamazepine
  • Corticosteroids (Such as prednisone)
  • Macrolide immunosuppressants (Such as tacrolimus)
  • Oxyphenbutazone because their actions and the risk of their side effects may be increased
  • Anticoagulants (e.g. warfarin)
  • Insulin
  • Oral hypoglycemics (glyburide) as its side effects, which includes the risk of bleeding/increased bleeding
  • Propranolol as its effectiveness may be reduced

However, for most persons taking Testosterone Cypionate the side effects are minor and in a few cases, the following have occurred:

  • Acne
  • Bitter or strange taste in mouth
  • Grange in sex drive
  • Fatigue
  • Gum or mouth irritation
  • Gum pain
  • Gum tenderness or swelling
  • Hair loss
  • Headache

Notify your healthcare provider should these symptoms become apparent and fail to go away when you discontinue taking TC.

You should not use TC IF…

  • you are allergic to any ingredient in Testosterone Cypionate
  • If you are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant
  • You are breast-feeding
  • You have breast cancer and are male
  • Have or suspected of having prostate cancer
  • Have or suspect you have serious heart ailments
  • Any liver disorders
  • Have kidney problems
  • Blood clots have happened in patients using testosterone products such as Testosterone Cypionate.

Tell your doctor if you have ever had a blood clot. Call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of a blood clot (e.g., swelling, warmth, numbness, change of color, or pain in a leg or arm; chest pain; shortness of breath; coughing up blood).

Some things to keep in mind, if you are going to the hospital or emergency room

See you, Physician or doctor, immediately if any if the following occur:

  • Severe allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue)
  • Breast growth or pain
  • Change in the size or shape of the testicles
  • Dark urine or light-colored bowel movements
  • Depression or mood changes
  • Dizziness
  • Gingivitis
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Loss of appetite
  • nausea
  • Painful or prolonged erection
  • Stomach cramps
  • Swelling of the ankles or legs
  • Urination problems
  • Weight gain
  • Yellowing of the skin or eyes
Where to buy Testosterone Cypionate?

Well, First off, according to the FDA guidelines, it should be injected intramuscularly and that means a doctor visit. However having said all that. Here are the answers to many of the questions asked by Bodybuilder and those who want more out of life.

Can you buy Testosterone Cypionate online?

Yes, here are a few of the places where you can find it:

First a little info, the drug is controlled in America but via the Internet anything can be found and ordered. Such as what you see at this link. https://www.steroid.com/Buy-Testosterone-Cypionate.php

Another source is. http://www.steroidsdirectonline.com/testosterone-cypionate/

Here is another more legitimate source at. http://www.testosteronetherapy.org/testosterone-cypionate.php

While others supply Testosterone Cypionate under its real name here are some other brands that let you buy it online or on the “Black Market” under various names:

  • Teston QV 200
  • CypioTest 250
  • Testoron Depot
  • Vironate


You can go through Pseudo Medical sites and get on their “Anti-aging programs” and then you can get self-injectable TC delivered to your home. https://www.hgh1.com/testosterone-injections/

But let’s face it most who take TC are trying to build up their bulk as quickly as they can and they will have to pay a hefty price to get a supply from sites like this one. http://www.buysteroidonline.com/tagged/testosterone-cypionate/

Is Testosterone Cypionate for sale in UK?

In our example above, you see that the answer is yes. You can also get it from various British suppliers on the Alibaba website as well. http://www.alibaba.com/showroom/british-dragon.html

So you see you can pretty much get your Bodybuilding needs met outside the US in other countries that have less restrictive laws than here.

Is Testosterone Cypionate for sale Philippines?

In the Philippines, it is a simple matter to get TC and while it isn’t made there it is made only a couple of hours away in Japan and over in Singapore as noted as before. In Japan, the Gen Shi Labs makes it up for sale and again you don’t even have to travel. Clicking on the Internet taps you into the Bodybuilding Network and you can have all the TC you want or need, shipped to you wherever you live.

Can You Buy Testosterone Cypionate in the USA?

AS mentioned previously TC is made in the states but it is officially a prescribed drug or for export only and unless you have access to a doctor who will write you a script then you need to look elsewhere for a steady supply.

With a script, however, it is possible to walk into the doctor’s pharmacy and get your TC. The Doctor or their nurse will do the honours and you will be on your way to building more muscle mass than you know what to do with. Your significant other will appreciate it as well as TC also increases the libido as well.

The problem, of course, is finding a doctor sensitive to your needs, as it is a drug primarily to help those with low testosterone. And when you walk in off the street with 16-inch biceps that wouldn’t cut it too well with either the doctor or nurse.

Can you Testosterone Cypionate in Canada?

Again this a resounding Yes, The strange thing is that when you order from Canada you may get Testosterone Cypionate that is manufactured here in the US, as Canada gets a deal from American Drug Companies that we the citizens are not privy to. Here are a few examples of what Canada has to offer.

Can you get it in Singapore?

La Pharma makes TC for the American consumer market as well. http://lapharma.com.sg/

Who Makes TC anyway?

Surprisingly we do and there are many companies doing it even though the numbers of individuals who are getting it via prescription are a small group. Makes you wonder if the right hand knows what the left hand is doing?

But here is the list of Testosterone Cypionate Manufacturers:

  • Paddock
  • Watson
  • Pfizer (Depo-Testosterone)
  • West-Ward Pharmaceutical
  • Hikma Pharmaceutical
  • Sun Pharmaceutical
  • Caraco Pharmaceutical
  • Pharmacia and Upjohn Co.
  • A-S Medication Solutions
  • Physicians Total Care

Final Thoughts on Testosterone Cypionate

The drug is powerful, it works, and yes, it does have side effects. But it is being used by doctors all over America to give men back their manhood and virility. Bodybuilders wish to increase their strength and stamina for athletics and the pressure to excel is great. Especially for Pro teams where millions of dollars in contracts are up for grabs. So, as the FDA and the government attempt to restrict access to Testosterone Cypionate there will be those who wish to get around the rules and companies who will make a profit off of them. You can see by the list of companies making Testosterone Cypionate they are the top names in Big Pharma.

We have gone well beyond the days of the “Mighty Men of Old” who use bodyweight exercises like the “Mighty Samson” and “Eugene Sandow”, who was the natural father of Bodybuilding, as we know it today and the whole Eugenics Movement, as well as the models for the pulp heroes of the 20s, 30s, and 40’s.

They advocated a lifestyle many would find ludicrous today when all you have to do is go have an injection done by a doctor and then in a few weeks bulk up like the “Hulk” sans the green skin.

However, perhaps we should examine these old style bodybuilders and combine the new technologies with their tried and true methodology to get the best of both worlds. Until that time, however, we do have Testosterone Cypionate and it does do all that, it says it will and that is enough for most people today in the 21st Century.

How to Boost Testosterone Naturally – 53 Methods Guarantee

Testosterone is essential for a man to feel like a man. Testosterone is responsible for the aggressive edge and it keeps libido in men high. It also helps to build and maintain lean muscle mass and helps to keep fat off of the midsection. Most men can afford to boost their testosterone, especially since testosterone naturally declines with age. Continue reading to see 60 different ways that you can boost your testosterone naturally through diet, exercise, and supplements.

One thing you need to remember when trying to boost your testosterone naturally is to adjust your diet. A healthy, balanced diet will help you achieve overall good health and help boost and maintain testosterone levels.

 How to boost testosterone naturally with good foods – 29 recommended foods

  1. All parts of eggs are good for you.

how to boost testosterone levels naturally

Believe it or not, some saturated fats are needed to keep your heart strong. And they are also needed for testosterone formation in your body, which is formed out of cholesterol. The ideal amount of saturated fats is 15-25% of total daily fat intake and no fewer than 30% of calorie intake. So, keep those yolks! They are good for you.

  1. Avoid low-fat diets.

It is a popular myth that low-fat diets are the best way to maintain a healthy body. Like has already been stated, saturated fats are needed to keep your heart strong, which in turn helps to keep your body healthy. Low-fat diets can also decrease testosterone production. You just need to be careful. Trans fats are the unhealthy fats and will not help to increase testosterone production.

  1. Watch out for sugar.

Sugar is an enemy of testosterone. Sugar aids in weight gain and it can stop natural testosterone release.

  1. Choose meat over soy, you’ll be glad you did.

beef increases testosterone

When choosing your diet and your protein powder, stay away from soy products. Soy is known to promote estrogen formation which will hinder any testosterone boosting you are trying to do.

  1. Drink less beer.

Stop drinking beer altogether is the best way to go, but if you must, drink only one instead of two or three. Beer is made from hops which form estrogen and can suppress your testosterone levels.

  1. Go nutty.

food that increase testosterone

For a quick and easy snack, you can’t go wrong with nuts. Nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, and pecans are easy to eat and are great sources to boost your testosterone naturally.

  1. Don’t forget the steak.

It is a true stereotype that manly men eat steak. When you go to choose your steak, do your best to obtain grass-fed steak over grain-fed. Grass-fed steak contains omega-3 fatty acids and offers CLA. All of this helps to optimize hormonal levels in your body.

  1. Eat more oysters.

When you workout, you sweat. And men lose zinc through sweating. Oysters are rich in zinc, which is a very important nutrient for producing testosterone in your body. But if you don’t want to eat oysters all the time, that is understandable. Beans, nuts, whole grains, pistachios, spinach, and avocados also contain zinc. It is best if you have at least one serving of one of these foods every day.

  1. Know when to consume carbs.

It is best to consume carbs immediately before your workout and immediately after your workout. Carbs are a fuel source, so they should be maximized when you are going to use the most energy.

  1. Keep vampires away, use garlic.

Garlic is a very healthy way to improve taste and it also improves your overall health, not to mention that you’ll be safe from all the vampires. If you consumed garlic on a regular basis, you would notice increased testosterone levels.

  1. Have an orange for breakfast.

It is pretty common knowledge that oranges contain vitamin C and vitamin C helps your body fight off infections by helping to strengthen your immune system. Vitamin C is also critical in helping to lower your cortisol levels. Cortisol is one of the culprits that will decrease your testosterone level.

  1. Cut down on the coffee.

A cup of coffee in the morning is not a bad thing. But you do need to try to limit your coffee intake to one cup a day. Too much coffee is responsible for increasing cortisol levels and decreasing testosterone levels. Coffee also hinders your sleep if you consume any in the afternoon. Herbal tea is better because it has a soothing effect while still being hot like coffee.

  1. Try celery with peanut butter.

Celery contains androstenone and androstenol which are two powerful androgens that will help in the production of testosterone and will help to keep you hydrated.

  1. Eat more salmon.

Salmon, along with other varieties of fish, contains omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids help to boost insulin sensitivity, combat depression, improve memory, foster a healthier heart, promote lower blood pressure, and increase natural testosterone in men. They increase the luteinizing hormone which will trigger more testosterone to be produced. It is recommended that you should have two servings of salmon per week along with two to five capsules of fish oil per day.

  1. Use berries to sweeten your oatmeal in the morning.

Berries can help reduce your chances of cancer. They also contain less sugar than bananas or pineapples. They contain antioxidants which will keep your overall body healthier.

  1. Eat more broccoli.

Broccoli will help maintain higher levels of testosterone and also lower the amounts of estrogen in your body.

  1. Cut down on the canned tuna.

Canned tuna, especially albacore tuna, contains high doses of mercury. High doses of mercury can negatively impact testosterone levels.

  1. Limit your fiber.

It is important to try to get 30 grams of fiber a day but no more than that. More than 30 grams of fiber can decrease your overall testosterone levels.

  1. Stay a meat eater.

Meat is important for maintaining and producing testosterone. Meat contains all the nutrients and proteins needed to maintain testosterone levels.

  1. Stay away from trans fats.

Trans fats are the bad fats. They do not help your body or your testosterone levels in any way and can, in fact, harm your testosterone levels. Trans fats are mostly found in deep fried, processed, and frozen foods.

  1. Eat three square meals a day.

Eating six small meals a day may be optimal for weight loss, but eating less frequently will foster testosterone growth.

  1. Go green.

Try to buy and consume as many natural foods as you can. Chemicals found in processed foods can cause cancer and also put you at risk for other diseases.

  1. Use olive oil instead of salad dressing.

Olive oil will help the body absorb cholesterol. It is also all around healthier than salad dressing.

  1. Lose weight slowly and steadily.

Be careful not to take you fat intake too far down.

  1. Eat some dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and biochemical compounds which can help boost testosterone and will also provide vitamins and minerals to your body.

  1. Saute onions.

Onions help to elevate testosterone levels.

  1. Don’t forget the salt.

Salt is an essential part of your diet. Try to stick with sea salts and Himalayan crystal to make it even healthier.

  1. Eat more grapefruit.

Eating a grapefruit is a healthy dessert alternative. It will give you that sweet taste and it will help to lower estrogen levels.

  1. Eat more avocado.

Avocados are a great source of vitamin E which will help boost testosterone levels and lower estrogen levels.

How to increase testosterone levels through physical exercise?

  1. Lift heavy weights.

When you are weight training, make sure to lift heavy weights. Lifting heavy weights creates anabolic hormones that will run through your body. And studies have shown that heavy lifting can help boost testosterone levels at any age.

  1. Plan your exercises before hitting the gym.

You will get more testosterone from free weights than you will with machines. Also, you want to do exercises that work on multiple muscles at the same time. Doing this help your body to release more testosterone.

  1. Do quick and intense workouts.

Short and intense workouts provide the most testosterone. An ideal workout is 45 minutes. Anything after 45 minutes will make the cortisol level in your body to rise and put you in a catabolic state.

  1. Always take your rest day.

If you workout too much, you can force your body into over training. Over training always negatively affects testosterone.

  1. Workout with someone.

If you workout with someone who acts as your spotter, you can try heavier weights than you could if you were alone. Also, just by someone watching you can help elevate natural testosterone levels. And it is really hard to skip a day if you have a partner to keep you honest.

  1. Do squats.

You need to make sure you are doing squats at least once a week. Squatting is very beneficial exercise to boost your testosterone.

  1. Try high-intensity interval sprints (HIIT).

HIIT will help maintain muscle and boost testosterone. It will also help lower the amount of cortisol.

  1. Box with stress.

Boxing is very beneficial because it can help relieve pent up stresses that you may have. And since it is an aggressive form of exercise, it really boosts testosterone levels.

  1. Do some Olympic lifts.

They will get your intensity up and your testosterone flowing.

  1. Do more bench presses.

Bench presses work several muscles at once. They work the chest, shoulders, triceps, and biceps. Since all those muscles are worked at once, it is a really effective testosterone booster.

  1. Don’t rep to fail.

Doing rep to fail can throw your body into over-train mode where testosterone is not produced. It is best to go one rep before failures.

Use Testosterone Supplements to increase low testosterone levels.

  1. Try Shilajit.

Shilajit may be able to boost testosterone levels naturally.

  1. Try Ashwagandha.

Ashwagandha helps to combat stress and will improve overall energy.

  1. Try Forskolin as a supplement.

Forskolin can naturally elevate testosterone levels in men and can also increase energy levels.

  1. Try Resveratol as a supplement.

Resveratol is found naturally in grapes but there is not enough to benefit you just through grapes. It is best if you take a resveratol supplement and it will help boost testosterone levels.

  1. Cycle testosterone boosters.

It is possible that your body may build up a resistance to natural testosterone boosters so it is important that you cycle them. One way to do that would be five days on and two days off.

  1. Try ZMA as a supplement.

ZMA stands for zinc, magnesium, and vitamin BC and it is best taken before bed. ZMA helps you fall to sleep faster and also improves the quality of sleep you get.

  1. Get more Vitamin D.

Vitamin D promotes stronger bones and is used to help the body produce testosterone. It comes sunlight but the easiest way to get it is through a supplement.

Apply the following ways to naturally increase your testosterone levels.

  1. Reduce your stress.

Stress releases cortisol and will cause damage to your testosterone levels.

  1. Get plenty of sleep.

Your body needs sleep to function and to maintain its proper balance. It is best to get a full eight hours of sleep a night if at all possible.

  1. Keep excess weight off your midsection.

Having excess weight around your midsection slows testosterone production and decreases energy.

  1. Seek medical attention or a counselor.

Talking to someone can help to relieve the stress of everyday life. Also, depression can and does cause testosterone levels to decrease dramatically.

  1. Spend more time in the bedroom.

If you feel like you and your partner are in a sexual rut, sometimes its best just to push through it. The more a man has sex, the more testosterone is released and the more they want to engage.

  1. Quit smoking.

Smoking is bad for your health, everyone knows that. Smoking greatly reduces your testosterone production and makes it harder to build and maintain lean muscle mass. Not to mention, you’re not going to get much bedroom time if you smell like an ashtray.

There are several different to naturally boost your testosterone and also ways to maintain your testosterone. Keeping to a healthy diet and exercise are keys to a healthy and fulfilling life. Testosterone helps men feel like men and it is possible to maintain and even increase your testosterone levels no matter your age.

Are signs of depression in women linked to low T?

More than 350 million people across the globe suffer from depression and the chances of depression in women are twice as compared to that of men. If you’re a women who is experiencing depression off late,  or prolonged anxiety and mood swings, which is more than usual, there is a possibility you’re suffering from low-T or low testosterone. The other signs you’ll experience and others might notice about you are staying sad all the time, shift in your sleeping pattern, sudden panic attacks, zero or little interest in everything, getting irritated and restless at the slightest pretext of any issue or low confidence level. However, it is not necessary for these depression attacks to be severe as low testosterone can trigger mild depression as well. The signs of depression in women are linked to low-T in many cases, especially in women with a history of anxiety or depression. Women going through their perimenopausal stage are also quite vulnerable to low T.

Symptoms of depression in women believe to be linked to low testosterone

Testosterone or androgen refers to the male hormones that play the role of a primary sex hormone in men. It also promotes physical wellbeing like development of muscle and bone density both in men. However women also require a small percentage of testosterone. Men produce testosterones in their testicles and in women; it is produced in the ovaries as well as in the adrenal glands and its peripheral tissues and fat cells. Women with low testosterones or testosterone deficiency may suffer from serious physical and mental health hazards like weaker bones, joint pains, low libido, anovulation, anxiety and depression. So, it is just a myth that testosterone is a male hormone and has got nothing to do with a woman’s physical and mental wellness. While, the normal range of testosterone in men is about 270 ng/dL to 1070 ng/dL on an average man, in women the range is a meagre 40 to 55 ng/dL. It means women with low testosterone will have about 40 ng/dL and lower testosterone levels.

Depression as one of the major low testosterone symptoms in women

Low testosterone is associated with depression and anxiety in both men and women, while high testosterone is related to aggression.  In fact, depression is one of the major low testosterone symptoms in women. Testosterone hormones not only aid in increasing bone density, muscle, etc., it also helps in regulating our mood through brain chemistry mechanism, which regulates our mood. Testosterone deficiency in women may cause some adverse situations like anxiety and depression. Women with low testosterone may experience a few other serious health issues. Some of the low testosterone symptoms in women are low sex drive, depression, mood swings, anxiety, hair loss and osteoporosis. In this article, we will discuss the signs depression in women which is linked to low T.

Just like in men, the levels of testosterone starts decreasing with age in women, especially around menopause, when it decreases by almost 50 percent. This is the reason why middle-aged women are more vulnerable to depression. However, depression due to low-T any affect young women also, which may be co-related with some medical and psychological conditions.

How to deal with depression for women – postpartum depression treatment

After evaluating the low testosterone symptoms in women, let us find out what are the causes of low-T and then how to deal with depression for women. In order to understand this, we need to know a little about progesterone, which is a female sex hormone, i.e., what testosterone is for men, it is progesterone for women. It is responsible for ovulation, menstruation and many other functions relating to female reproduction system. Progesterone is naturally converted into a steroid called androstenedione, which secretes testosterone. So obviously, when low progesterone is produced, the level of testosterone secreted is less.

Women with low testosterone: natural treatment for depression

Counseling and medication are both important parts of treating depression for women with low testosterone. Let’s check what you should do if you have low-T. First, it is very important to consult your doctor who will offer you the prescribed medications to fill the deficiency. At the same time, you may follow proper diet or dietary supplements for boosting the level of testosterones. Testosterone therapies are sometimes recommended for a woman in her menopausal phase, in order to stimulate sex drive and satisfaction. However, you should refrain from taking testosterone therapies if you’re pregnant or trying to conceive, if you’re breast feeding, suffering from heart diseases, diagnosed with cancer or undergoing its treatment. It is also extremely important to manage stress and anxiety, and stay happy, because it produces happy hormones, which helps in maintaining hormonal balance in the body, including testosterone. So stay happy, and stay healthy!